Amylase, Pretease, Peroxidase and Ascorbic Acid Oxidase Activity of Kimchi Ingredients

김치원료의 amylase, protease, peroxidase, ascorbic acid oxidase 활성

  • Published : 1998.12.01


Several enzymes of kimchi ingredients were assayed to improve the product quality using these quality related enzyme information. Among various hydrolases, amylase and protease were selected with respect to lactic acid fermentation. Peroxidase and ascorbic acid oxidase were studied for off flavor production and ascorbic acid destruction. The amount of protein in kimchi ingredients, specific and total enzyme activity of sample were compared. Regarding total enzyme activity of sample, ${\alpha}-amylase$ activity of salted and fermented anchovy, dried red pepper and salted and fermented shrimp were higher than other ingredients. Activity of salted and fermented anchovy was 2,790.0 units/g sample. Salted and fermented anchovy, oyster and Chinese radish showed the highest ${\beta}-amylase$ activity (4.4, 2.1, 1.0 units/g sample, respectively). Salted and fermented anchovy showed the highest protease activity of 13.4 PU/g sample, followed by salted and fermented shrimp and dried red pepper. For peroxidase, Chinese radish, cucumber, green onion showed the highest activity of 7.2, 6.8 and 5.6 units/g sample, respectively. In case of ascorbic acid oxidase, salted and fermented anchovy showed the strongest enzyme activity (331.4 units/g sample), followed by dried red pepper and salted and fermented shrimp.


amylase;protease;peroxidase;ascorbic acid oxidase;kimchi