Changes of Physicochemical Properties of Gamma Irradiated Porks during Storage

감마선 조사된 돈육의 저장중 이화학적 성질 변화

  • Published : 1998.12.01


The changes in physicochemical properties of gamma irradiated porks were investigated during storage at different temperature and periods. TBA values increased according to the increment of irradiation dose levels. TBA values of nonirradiated and irradiated samples drastically increased with storage period and temperatures at both $5^{\circ}C\;and\;-20^{\circ}C$. The acid value of porks stored at $5^{\circ}C$ was increased rapidly with the elapse of storage period in both nonirradiated and irradiated samples. However, the value decreased with increasing irradiation dose levels. VBN values increased more rapidly in nonirradiated samples than in irradiated samples with the storage period. Especially, VBN value of nonirradiated pork was four times higher than that of 3 kGy-irradiated one. No significant differences in the composition of fatty acids were observed in gamma irradiated samples. Free amino acids were changed with storage periods, but were not significantly affected by gamma irradiation.


pork;gamma irradiation;physicochemical property