Effects of Roasting Conditions on Physicochemical Characteristics and Volatile Flavor Components of Chicory Roots

볶음조건이 치커리의 이화학적 특성과 향기성분에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1998.12.01


This study was designed to investigate the reasonable roasting condition of chicory. Extraction and surface color development of roasted chicory were significantly influenced by roasting temperature and time, and they were increased with increasing time, and roasting at $170^{\circ}C$ showed the highest browning color development. Soluble solid contents was not affected by roasting temperature and time. Roasting for 10min at $150^{\circ}C$ exhibited the highest sensory score, at which the free sugar composition of the extract was 0.87% xylose, 0.62% fructose and 0.84% sucrose. A total of 17 volatile components were identified by GC/MSD from the dried and roasted chicories. Aldehyde, ketone and pyrazine compounds were found to be major volatile flavor components in chicory roots. It was concluded that the results of this work will be useful to determine the optimum conditions for roasting of chicory roots.


chicory root;roasting;physicochemical property;flavor component