ACE Inhibitory and Antihypertensive Effect of Chitosan Oligosaccharides in SHR

Chitosan 올리고당의 안지오텐신 전환효소 활성 억제 및 SHR에서의 고혈압 억제 특성

  • Published : 1998.12.01


Effect of chitosan oligosaccharides on the ACE (angiotensin I converting enzyme) inhibition and antihypertension in SHR (Spontaneously hypertensive rat) was examined. The ACE inhibition activity was observed in all the chitosan oligosaccharides used in this study, and chitosan trimer exhibited the highest inhibitory activity $(IC_{50}=0.9{\mu}M)$ compared with other chitosan oligosaccharides $(IC_{50}\;:\;2.4{\sim}100\;{\mu}M)$. The results suggested that chitosan trimer was a good inhibitor of ACE in molecular level. When the single oral dose (2.14 mg/kg, similar to dose level of Captopril, known as strong ACE inhibitor) of chitosan trimer was given to 8 or 21 week aged SHR, the blood pressure reduction of both SHRs in 4hrs were $27{\pm}4.8\;mmHg\;and\;36{\pm}4.3\;mmHg$, respectively. Therefore, it was suggested that chitosan trimer could be applicable as natural ACE inhibitor related to antihypertension.


chitosan oligosaccharides;ACE inhibition;antihypertension