Quality Changes of Egg Products during Storage

계란가공품의 보관중 품질 변화

  • Published : 1998.12.01


To know the probable storage conditions for commercially prepared ‘baked egg’ and ‘rolled egg’ products, microbes and quality changes for samples immediately after the production and stored under the several conditions were tested. Sealed samples were stored at 5, 10, 15, $20^{\circ}C$, respectively and tested at 1 or 2-days intervals, opened samples were stored at 15, 20, 30, $37^{\circ}C$, respectively and tested at 6-hr intervals. Coliform bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococci were not detected, and viable cell counts level was under $10^2\;CFU/g$ for samples immediately after the production. The higher the storage temperature and baked eggs rether than rolled eggs showed more rapid microbial growth for both samples. For sealed condition, 14-days at $5^{\circ}C$ for both samples, 7-days for rolled eggs and 5-days for baked eggs at $10^{\circ}C$ were kept their initial microbial level and favorable flavor. For opened condition, it showed remarkable microbial increase after $18{\sim}24\;hr$ for $15{\sim}20^{\circ}C$ and 12 hr for $30{\sim}37^{\circ}C$. From these results, used egg products samples are able to be stored more than 1-week at below $5^{\circ}C$ and opened samples need to be stored at cold storage. At room temperature, it egg products.


egg product;baked egg;rolled egg;rolled egg;cold storage