Superoxide Dismutase-like Activity of Apple Juice Mixed with Some Fruits and Vegetables

몇가지 과실, 채소류를 혼합한 사과주스의 SOD 유사활성

  • Published : 1998.12.01


Superoxide dismutase (SOD)-like activities of sixteen kinds of fruits, vegetable juice and commercial concentrates were measured by pyrogallol autoxidation method. The changes in SOD-like activity by heat treatment and the increase in SOD-like activity of apple juice mixed with fruits and vegetables were investigated. SOD-like activity of broccoli juice was 41.7%, the highest value among tested sample. SOD-like activities of strawberry juice, carrot concentrate, kiwi juice, radish juice and apple juice were 30.2, 30.0, 27.6, 26.7, 24.1 and 14.6%, respectively. SOD-like activity was increased generally after heat treatment at $95^{\circ}C$ until 20 min. SOD-like activity of apple juice was increased $20{\sim}35%$ by mixing with 20% of carrot concentrate, kiwi juice, strawberry juice, broccoli juice, respectively and particularly was increased 48% by mixing with 20% of raddish juice.


apple juice;fruit;vegetable;SOD-like activity