Inhibitors of Nitric Oxide Synthesis from Ginseng in Activated Macrophages

활성화한 RAW 264.7 세 포주에서 인삼 Polyacetylene류의 Nitric Oxide 생성저해

  • 류재하 (숙명여자대학교 약학대학) ;
  • 장세란 (숙명여자대학교 약학대학, 서울대학교 천연물과학연구소)
  • Published : 1998.09.01


Nitric Oxide (NO), derived from L-arginine, is produced by two types (constitutive and inducible) of nitric oxide synthase (NOS). The NO produced in large amounts by the inducible NOS is known to be responsible for the vasodilation and hypotension observed in septic shock. We have found three polyacetylene compounds which inhibited the production of NO in LPS-activated RAW 264.7 cells. Their structures were identified as panauynol, ginsenoyne A and PQ-6 by the spec- troscopic analysis (IC50 values were 32.3 $\mu$M, 2.3 $\mu$M, 1.5 $\mu$M, respectively). These polyacetylenes may be useful candidates for the development of new drug to treat endotoxemia and inflammation accompanied by the overproduction of NO.