Large eddy simulation of turbulent flows in a grooved channel

홈이 파진 평판 사이 난류유동의 대와동모사 (LES)

  • Published : 1998.01.01


In this study, turbulent flows in a grooved channel are numerically investigated by Large Eddy Simulation (LES). Especially, a parametric study is carried out to study effects of length and depth of a groove on large-scale flow structures. For one test case, comparison of LES results with those of DNS reveals a good agreement even though the number of grid points of LES is only 6.5% of that of DNS. This confirms that LES is a suitable tool for a parametric study of turbulent flows. The subsequent parametric study using LES shows that the large-scale turbulent structures are significantly affected by the geometry of the groove. Especially, when the length of the groove is short such that the recirculation region occupies the entire groove, the turbulent flow in the groove becomes very weak in both mean and fluctuation quantities.


Groove;Turbulence;Large Eddy Simulation;SubgridScale Modeling