축류회전차 익말단 틈새유동에 대한 수치해석

No, Su-Hyeok;Jo, Gang-Rae

  • 발행 : 1998.03.01


The substantial loss behind axial flow rotor was generated by wake, various vortices in the hub region and the leakage vortex in the tip region. Particularly, the leakage vortex formed near blade tip was one of the main causes of the reduction of performance, the generation of noise and the aerodynamic vibration in rotor downstream. In this study, the three-dimensional flowfields in an axial flow rotor for various tip clearances were calculated, and the numerical results were compared with the experimental ones. The numerical technique was based on SIMPLE algorithm using standard k-.epsilon. model (WFM). Through calculations, the effects of the tip clearance on the overall performance of rotor and the loss distributions, and the increase in the displacement, momentum, and blade-force-deficit thickness of the casing wall boundary layer were investigated. The mass-averaged flow variables behind rotor agreed well with the experimental results. The presence of the tip leakage vortex behind rotor was described well. Although the loci of leakage vortex by calculation showed some differences compared with the experimental results, its behavior for various tip clearances was clarified by examining the loci of vortex center.


말단틈새;누설와류;SIMPLE알고리듬;표준 k-$\varepsilon$ 모델;와류중심 궤적


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