수직관내 리튬브로마이드 수용액막의 흡수과정에 대한 비흡수가스의 영향

Kim, Byeong-Ju;Lee, Chan-U

  • 발행 : 1998.03.01


In the absorption process of water vapor in a liquid film, the composition of the gas phase, in which a non-absorbable gas is combined with the absorbate influences the transport characteristics remarkably. In the present study, the absorption processes of water vapor into aqueous solution of lithium bromide in the presence of non-absorbable gases were investigated analytically. The continuity, momentum, energy and diffusion equations for the solution film and gas phase were formulated in integral forms and solved numerically. It was found that the mass transfer resistance in gas phase increased with the concentration of non-absorbable gas. However the primary resistance to mass transfer was in the liquid phase. As the concentration of non-absorbable gas in the absorbate increased, the liquid-vapor interfacial temperature and concentration of absorbate in solution decreased, which resulted in the reduction of absorption rate. The reduction of mass transfer rate was found to be significant for the addition of a small amount of non-absorbable gas to the pure vapor, especially at the outlet of an absorber where non-absorbable gases accumulated. At higher non-absorbable gas concentration, the decrease of absorption flux was almost linear to the volumetric concentration of non-absorbable gas.


흡수과정;유하액막;비흡수가스;열 및 물질전달