Thermo-viscoplastic finite element analysis of orthogonal metal cutting considered tool edge radius

공구끝단반경이 고려된 2차원 금속절삭에 대한 열-점소성 유한요소해석

Kim, Kug-Weon;Lee, Woo-Young;Sin, Hyo-Chol

  • Published : 1998.01.01


In this paper, thermo-viscoplastic finite element analysis of the effect of tool edge radius on cutting process are performed. The thermo-viscoplastic cutting model is capable of dealing with free chip geometry and chip-tool contact length. The coupling with thermal effects is also considered. Orthogonal cutting experiments are performed for 0.2% carbon steel with tools having 3 different edge radii and the tool forces are measured. The experimental results are discussed in comparison with the results of the FEM analysis. From the study, we confirm that this cutting model can well be applied to the cutting process considered the tool edge radius and that a major causes of the "size effect" is the tool edge radius. With numerical analysis, the effects of the tool edge radius on the stress distributions in workpiece, the temperature distributions in workpiece and tool, and the chip shape are investigated.estigated.


Tool Edge Radius;Size Effect;Finite Element Method;Thermo-Viscoplastic Cutting Moedl