A study on the impact pulse analysis with various shapes and materials of impactor

충격자의 형상 및 재질변화에 따른 펄스형성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.01.01


The impact programmer for impact test was designed and the impact analysis was conducted. The effects of the material and geometric parameters on the impact force and pulse shape were investigated. The impact characteristics were examined by experimental and finite element method. The impact test was conducted with free drop impact tester. The ABAQUS/Explicit 5.5 version was used for finite element analysis. The geometric parameters of the conical and dome type impact programmer were analyzed. The polyurethane impact programmers were fabricated and tested. The effects of the hardness and thickness of the impact programmer were studied. The peak acceleration and time duration of impact programmer have close correlation with the hardness, impact energy and thickness of the impactor. The experiment was good agreement with analytical predictions. The impact pulse shape generated with polyurethane impact programmer was half sine shape. The maximum impact force was proportional to impact energy. The impact acceleration was decreased with thickness of impact programmer. The maximum impact time duration level was about 2 msec.


Impact Energy;Drop Type Impact;Peak Acceleration;Time Duration