A study on the fracture toughness evaluating method for cryogenic structural material

극저온용 구조재료의 파괴인성평가법에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.01.01


This paper was undertaken to develop the fracture toughness testing method using small and single specimen compared to the conventional method in evaluating elastic-plastic fracture toughness of the superconducting magnet structural material at cryogenic temperature. The elastic-plastic fracture toughness test was conducted by using the unloading compliance method recommended by ASTM E813-89 to accomplish the above purpose. And, the 20% side-grooved 0.5TCT and 1TCT specimens were used to evaluate the fracture toughness by using as possible as miniaturized CT specimen. The unloading compliance method was a very useful method in evaluating elastic-plastic fracture toughness at cryogenic temperature. It could be taken valid fracture toughness values by using 20% side-grooved 0.5TCT specimen recommended by ASTM E813-89.


Cryogenic Temperature;Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness;Superconducting Magnet Structural Materials;Unloading Compliance Method