Parallelization of sheet forming analysis program using MPI

MPI를 이용한 판재성형해석 프로그램의 병렬화

  • Published : 1998.01.01


A parallel version of sheet forming analysis program was developed. This version is compatible with any parallel computers which support MPI that is one of the most recent and popular message passing libraries. For this purpose, SERI-SFA, a vector version which runs on Cray Y-MP C90, a sequential vector computer, was used as a source code. For the sake of the effectiveness of the work, the parallelization was focused on the selected part after checking the rank of CPU consumed from the exemplary calculation on Cray Y-MP C90. The subroutines associated with contact algorithm was selected as targe parts. For this work, MPI was used as a message passing library. For the performance verification, an oil pan and an S-rail forming simulation were carried out. The performance check was carried out by the kernel and total CPU time along with theoretical performance using Amdahl's Law. The results showed some performance improvement within the limit of the selective paralellization.


Sheet Forming;Contact Algorithm;Massively Parallel Processors(MPP);Message Passing Interface(MPI);Load Balancing