Fatigue properties of nitrided titanium using fluidized bed furnace

유동상로를 이용한 질화처리티타늄의 피로강도 특성

Kim, Min-Gun;Ji, Jueng-Keun

  • Published : 1998.01.01


Rotary bending fatigue tests were carried out on the nitrided titanium in order to investigate the effect of nitriding layer on fatigue limit. Main results obtained are as follows. (1) The fatigue limit of nitrided pure titanium is remarkably reduced because of enlargement of grain size at high heat treating temperature and high stress field created from the elastic interaction in the compound layer. (2) Further test using specimen which was removed nitrified layer gradually, were also conducted and it was found that by removing the compound layer the fatigue limit recovered as the level of basic material and rather increased by coming of a diffusion layer. Therefore it is concluded that the surface compound layer generated by nitriding treatment reduced the fatigue limit but diffusion layer increased it.


Fatigue;Fatigue Limit;Titanium;Nitrified Layer;Compound Layer;Diffusion Layer;Grain Size