A study on the evaluation for material degradation of 0.0Cr-0.5Mo steel by a electrochemical polarization method

전기화학적 분극법에 의한 1.0Cr-0.5Mo강의 경년열화 평가에 관한 연구

Na, Eui-Gyun;Kim, Hoon;Lee, Jong-Gi

  • Published : 1998.01.01


The contents of this paper include a non-destructive technique for evaluating the degradation of the boiler superheater tube in a fossil power plant through an electrochemical polarization test. Correlation between Ip of polarization parameter and SP-DBTT for the superheater tubes in long-term use was obtained. 1.0Cr-0.5Mo steel was degraded by softening, and the degree of degradation was dependent upon carbides with Cr and Mo elements. Since brittle fracture at low temperature and ductile fracture mode at high temperature were shown, similarity between standard Charpy and small punch tests could be found. In addition, SP-DBTT showing the degree of degradation was higher, as the time-in use of the materials got longer. Electrolyte including picric acid of 1.3 g in distilled water of 100ml at 25.deg. C temperature and sodium tridecylbenzene sulfonate with 1g could be applied to evaluate the degradation of 1.0Cr-0.5Mo steel by means of the electrochemical polarization test. Ip and Ipa values measured through the electrochemical test are the appropriate parameters for representing the degradation of the superheater tube(1.0Cr-0.5Mo steel) for the fossil power plant. It is poassible to evaluate the degradation of materials with different time histories electrochemically, by Ip value only, at field test.


Degradation;Superheater Tube;Electrochemical Polarization;SP-DBTT;Microhardness Value;Softening;Carbides;Brittle Fractrue;Ductile Fracture;Electrolyte;Picric Acid