A study on the evaluation of control performance of active muffler for exhaust noise control

배기소음 제어용 능동형 소음기의 제어 성능평가에 관한 연구

Kim, Heung-seob;Shon, Dong-Gu;Oh, Jae-Eung

  • Published : 1998.02.01


Active mufflers have been mainly applied in the large industrial engine due to considerable expense for implementation, but a necessity of development has been increased by the tightened regulation of exhaust noise and the request of high power. In this study, the active muffler prototype for installing in an automobile is designed and constructed. The active muffler is designed so that the primary noise and the control sound are propagated as a plane wave in the outlet. Therefore, the error microphone could be placed outside the high temperature centers of the tail pipe, and the noise radiating to the outside could be reduced in the whole areas around the outlet. For evaluating the control performance of the prototype, the control experiments of band-pass filtered random signal and the modulation of sinusoidal signal which are generated from the primary noise speaker as practical exhaust sound level are implemented. And to investigate the radiation pattern from the outlet of tail pipe and the noise reduction level of points placed adjacent to the outlet, the sound level of adjacent points of thirty is measured.


Active Muffler;Secondary Path Transfer Function;Fundamental Frequency;Harmonic Frequency;Tail Pipe