Residual fatigue life evaluation method for the cracked components under complex stress fields

복합응력장 하의 균열부재에 대한 잔류피로수명 평가방법

  • Published : 1998.02.01


This study reviews the influence function method(IFM) for calculating stress intensity factors (SIFs, K) and modifies it to apply for the estimating the residual fatigue life for the cracked components under complex stress fields. An IFM has been developed to analyze SIFs for surface cracks which are subjectedto nonuniformly distributed stresses. Through elastic superposition, the influence function method properly accounts for redistribution of stress as the crack grows through the component. This influence function is unique to the given geometry and independent of the loading. Some examples have been provided to show the effectiveness of the IFM including the distributions of K in a residual stress field. The significant effect of residual stress upon fatigue crack growth in a welded component has been demonstrated with the IFM.


Influence Function;Stress Intensity Factor;Residual Stress;Crack Growth Rate;Residual Fatigue Life