Numerical Modeling of Injection/Compression Molding for Center-gated Center-gated Disk (Part II)

Center-gated 디스크에 대한 사출/압축 성형공정의 수치적 모델링

Kim, Ilhwan;Park, seong-Jin;Chung, Seong-Taek;Kwon, Tai-Hun

  • Published : 1998.02.01


In the accompanying paper, part I, we have presented the physical modeling and the associated numerical analysis of injection molding process with a compressible viscoelastic fluid model. In part II, the effects of compression stage in the injection/compression molding process are presented. Numerical results showed that the injection/compression molding process reduced birefringence as compared with the injection molding process. In this respect, one can conclude that the injection/compression molding process is more suitable for manufacturing the precise optical products than the injection molding process. In the distribution of birefringence, the effect of packing procedure in injection/compression molding process was found to be similar to that in injection molding process. From the numerical results, we found that birefringence becomes smaller as the melt temperature gets higher and the closing velocity of the mold gets smaller with the flow rate and the mold temperature affecting the birefringence insignificantly. As far as the distribution of density is concerned, the flow rate, the melt temperature, and the closing velocity of the mold had insignificant effect on the distribution of density in comparison with the mold temperature.


Center-gated Disk;Injection/Compression Modeling;Viscoelastic Compressible Fluid Model