Fatigue crack propagation life evaluation of an autofrettaged thick-walled cylinder

자긴가공된 두꺼운 실린더의 피로균열 전파수명평가

Lee, Song-In;Kim, Jin-Yong;Jeong, Se-Hui;Go, Seung-Gi

  • Published : 1998.02.01


To ensure the structural integrity of the autofrettaged thick-walled cylinder subjected to cyclic internal pressure loading, the fatigue crack propagation life of the cylinder was evaluated. Stress intensity factors of the external cracked cylinder due to internal pressure and autofrettage loadings were calculated using the finite element method. The fatigue crack propagation lives of the cylinder based on the fracture mechanics concepts were predicted and compared to the experimental fatigue lives evaluated from the C-shaped simulation specimens. There were good correlations between the predicted and experimental fatigue lives within a factor of 3 for the single and double grooved C-shaped simulation specimens. Predicted fatigue crack propagation lives of the double grooved cylinders were about 1.5-5 times longer than those of the single grooved cylinders depending on the levels of autofrettage.


Fatigue Crack Propagation Life;Autofrettage;Residual Stress;Stress Intensity Factor