A study on the fracture toughness degradation in cryogenic structural material using single-specimen method

단일 시험편법에 의한 극저온용 구조재료의 파괴인성 저하에 관한 연구

Kwon, Il-hyun

  • Published : 1998.02.01


This paper was investigated degradation of the fracture toughness caused by sensitizing heat-treatment of the cryogenic structural material JN1 base metal using unloading compliance method reported as useful a method in evaluating the elastic-plastic fracture toughness at cryogenic temperature. The specimens used in this paper were 20% side-grooved 0.5T-CT specimens which were machined in the JN1 base metal. Also, to investigate cryogenic fracture toughness of the fusion line region in the JN1 GTA weldments, it was also used 20% side-grooved 0.5T-CT specimens that was machined fusion line to located in the middle of the specimen. The cryogenic fracture toughness values of the JN1 base metal were significantly decreased with increasing the time and temperature of the heat treatment. The fracture toughness value obtained from the fusion line specimen was invalid, but it was lower value than that of the JN1 base metal. Especially, this value was approximately equal with that obtained from the JN1 650.deg. C-5h heat-treated material.


Cryogenic Temperature;Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness;Unloading Compliance Method;Sensitizing Heat-Treatment;Fusion Line