The dynamic explicit analysis of auto-body panel stamping process and investigating parameter affects of dynamic analysis

차체판넬 스템핑공정의 동적 외연적해석과 동적해석에 미치는 영향인자 분석

  • Published : 1998.02.01


In the present work a finite element formulation using dynamic explicit time integration scheme is used for numerical analysis of auto-body panel stamping processes. The lumping scheme is employed for the diagonal mass matrix and linearizing dynamic formulation. A contact scheme is developed by combining the skew boundary condition and direct trial-and-error method. In this work, for economic analysis the faster punch velocity and the mass scaling method are introduced. To investigate the effects of punch velocity and mass scaling, the various values of punch velocity and the various mass scalings are used for numerical analysis. Computations are carried out for analysis of complicated auto-body panel stamping processes such as forming of an oil pan and a fuel tank.


Dynamic Explicit Time Integration Scheme;Auto-body Panel Stampling;Lumping Scheme;Punch Velocity;Mass Scaling