Ammonia flow control for NOx reduction in SCR system of refuse incineration plant

소각로의 NOx 제어용 SCR 시스템의 암모니아 공급량제어

  • Published : 1998.02.01


This paper describes a modelling method for SCR(selective catalystic reduction) system in refuse incineration plant. We consider the SCR system as a single input and single output system. For modelling the SCR system, an auto regressive exogeneous(ARX) modelling method is used. In this case, we should design the white noise input for modelling and put it on the system as an input$(NH_3)$, and take an outlet NOx as an output. From these two relations, we design the ARX model with 45 second delay time and transform to a discrete system with sampling time of 0.5 second. Using the obtained SCR model, we verify that the outlet NOx is deeply related with stoker`s moving in boiler of refuse incineration plant.


Selectsive Catalytic Reduction(SCR);Auto Regressive Exogeneous Model(ARX);White Noise Input;Outlet Nox;PID Control