A study on the behaviour of cutting heat at high speed cutting work

고속 절삭가공시 절삭열의 거동에 관한 연구

Joo, Ho-Youn;Lee, Yung-Sung

  • Published : 1998.02.01


It is generally known that in high speed work with more than 1000 m/min cutting speed, according to the work material phenomenon of tool wearing is increased due to the some produced neat and as a result this makes the cutting work impossible. In this study, the high speed cutting is possible because of the different cutting from the presently known fact. That is, most of generated heats influence on the quantity flowing in chip greatly. Therfore, this study aims at the behavior of cutting heat generated at high speed cutting. It makes clearly the euqntity of heat flowing in chip, work materal, tool, and inflowing ratio. The cutting mechanism varies by the changing of cutting depth, slant face and contact area through this study. And it is exammined that the influence of heat of all parts is greatly due to the change the contact length of clearance face. It is confirmed from the exp[eriment that the inflowing heat ratio influences the cutting speed greatly and the heat of clearance face can not be disregarded.


High Speed Cutting Work;Cutting Heat