The comparision of fatigue behavior of $CO_2$ plug weld and resistance spot weld

저항점용접과 $CO_2$ 플러그용접의 피로거동 연구

Jeong, Won-Uk;Jeong, Yeon-Su;Kang, Seong-Su

  • Published : 1998.03.01


Vehicle body structures are formed by thousands of spot welds and fatigue failure of vehicle structures occur near the spot welds after driving a long way at a durability test road. It is necessary to know accurately the reason of the fatigue failure of the spot weld in the developing stage in order to reinforce it. Many investigations have been done regarding the strength of spot welded joints, contributing to understand its fatigue strength. In developing process, a fatigue failed spot welded area can be repaired by $CO_2$ welding or another method to continue the test. To know the effect of reinforcing these welds, several methods of welding were analyzed and compared to spot welding. With the results of this test, the appropriate repair method can be used instead of spot welding during the development of new car and best design guide can be given for the strength. In this study, fatigue and static tensile tests are made and microstructure is investigated for the purpose of estimating the strength of welded joints by using spot welded and $CO_2$ plug welded specimens. The tested specimens are of two types : Tensile-shear type(TS) and L-tension type(LT).


Resistance Spot Weld;CO2 Plug Weld;Fatigue Failure;Reinforcing Method