Delamination behavior of multidirectional laminates under the mode I loading

모드 I 하중조건하에 있는 다방향 적층 복합재료의 층간파괴거동

Choi, Nak-Sam;Kinloch, A.J.

  • Published : 1998.03.01


The delamination fracture of multidirectional carbon-fiber/epoxy laminates under the Mode I condition has been studied using the modified beam analysis for a fracture mechanics approach. It was found that the variation of fracture energy $G_IC$ with increasing length of the propagating crack exhibited a minimum for the pure interlaminar fracture and a maximum for the intraply fracture,i.e. a rising "R-curve", which was strongly affected by the degree of fiber bridging and crack-tip splitting arising in the global delamination. The maximum $G_IC$ value was significantly dependent on such types of delamination as no crack jumping, crack jumping into the adjacent ply and edge-delamination. It was shown also that the value of "effective flexural modulus" estimated from the modified beam analysis increased much with the development of fiber bridging behind the crack tip.ehind the crack tip.


Multidirectional Laminates;Interlaminar Fracture Mechanisms;Mode I Loading;Effective Flexural Modulus;Fracture Energy Gic