Analysis of edge drop and development of numerical formula for edge drop control of cold rolled sheet

냉연판의 엣지드롭 해석 및 제어용 수식모델 개발

  • Published : 1998.04.01


With the introduction of edge drop control system in Tandem Cold Rolling Mill, it is necessary to develop te numerical expression for the set-up and edge drop automatic control of cold rolled sheet. As a first step we developed a simulation program which predicts profile and the amounts of edge drop at the delivery side of each stand by using roll deformation anlysis with the slit roll model. And by using the program the effect of various rolling conditions on edge drop was investigated. As a result the relations were obtained between the amounts of edge drop and rolling conditions. Based on above relations, the numerical expression was developed for the set-up and automatic control of edge drop by multi-regression of simulation results for the variation of edge drop amount with each rolling condition.


Tandem cold Rolling;Strip Profile;Edge Drop set-up;Edge Drop Control;Roll deflection;Roll Flattening;Delivery Thickness Profile