A study on sound radiation from isotropic plates stiffened by unsymmetrical beams

비대칭 보에 의해 보강된 등방성 평판의 음향방상에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.04.01


The determination of sound pressure radiated from periodic plate structures is fundamental in the estimation of noise level in aircraft fuselages or ship hull structures. As a robust approach to this problem, here a very general and comprehensive analytical model is developed for predicting the sound radiated by a vibrating plate stiffened by periodically spaced orthogonal unsymmetrical beams subjected to a sinusoidally time varying point load. The plate is assumed to be infinite in extent, and the beams are considered to exert both line force and moment reactions on it. Using this theoretical model, the sound pressure levels on axis in a semi-infinited fluid (water) bounded by the plate were calculated using three numerical tools such as the Gauss-Jordan method, the LU decomposition method and the IMSL numberial package. Especially, the variation in the sound pressure levels and their modes were investigated according to the change in frequency, bay spacing and bay distance.