Understanding of dynamic system properties in the frequency domain using bond graphs

본드선도를 이용한 동적시스템의 주파수역 특성이해

  • Published : 1998.04.01


Modeling and analysis of dynamic systems generally demand their resutls to be interpreted each other with a physical sense. It sometimes requires that there should exist a unified tool in the treatment of dynamic systems which can be applied to both their modeling and analysis equally. This paper shows how models just after the progress of modeling via bond graph standards are converted to ones which are appropriate for analyzing a dynamic system in the frequency domain. Four bond graph prototypes are introduced to obtain frequency properties of dynamic systems such as zero stability, relative order, zero and pole dynamics, etc. directly from bond graphs, and the method are proposed which reduces nearly all models of bond graph standards to one of the prototypes without any change of physical similarity. This procedure as a tool for the structural reduction of bond graphs and finding frequency properties of a dynamic system is further investigated to survey its effectiveness through an example.