Dynamic response optmization using approximate search

근사 선탐색을 이용한 동적 반응 최적화

Kim, Min-Soo;Choi, Dong-hoon

  • Published : 1998.04.01


An approximate line search is presented for dynamic response optimization with Augmented Lagrange Multiplier(ALM) method. This study empolys the approximate a augmented Lagrangian, which can improve the efficiency of the ALM method, while maintaining the global convergence of the ALM method. Although the approximate augmented Lagragian is composed of only the linearized cost and constraint functions, the quality of this approximation should be good since an approximate penalty term is found to have almost second-order accuracy near the optimum. Typical unconstrained optimization algorithms such as quasi-Newton and conjugate gradient methods are directly used to find exact search directions and a golden section method followed by a cubic polynomial approximation is empolyed for approximate line search since the approximate augmented Lagrangian is a nonlinear function of design variable vector. The numberical performance of the proposed approach is investigated by solving three typical dynamic response optimization problems and comparing the results with those in the literature. This comparison shows that the suggested approach is robust and efficient.