Modeling and optimal design of monolithic precision XYZ-stage using flexure mechanism

유연기구를 이용한 초정밀 단일체 3축 스테이지의 모델링 및 최적설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.04.01


There are recently increasing needs for precision XYZ-stage in the fields of nanotechnology, specially in AFMs(Atomic Force Microscope) and STMs(Scanning Tunneling Microscope). Force measurements are made in the AFM by monitoring the deflection of a flexible element (usually a cantilever) in response to the interaction force between the probe tip and the sample and controlling the force neasyred constant topography can be obtained. The power of the STM is based on the strong distance dependence of the tunneling current in the vacuum chamber and the current is a feedback for the tip to trace the surface topography. Therefore, it is required for XYZ-stage to position samples with nanometer resolution, without any crosscouples and any parasitic motion and with fast response. Nanometer resolution is essential to investigate topography with reasonable shape. No crosscouples and parasitic motion is essential to investigate topography without any shape distortion. Fast response is essential to investigate topography without any undesirable interaction between the probe tip and sample surface ; sample scratch. To satisfy these requirements, this paper presents a novel XYZ-stage concept, it is actuated by PZT and has a monolithic flexible body that is made symmetric as possible to guide the motion of the moving body linearly. PZT actuators have a very fast response and infinite resolution. Due to the monolithic structure, this XYZ-stage has no crosscouples and by symmetry it has no parasitic motion. Analytical modeling of this XYZ-stage and its verification by FEM modeling are performed and optimal design that is to maximize 1st natural frequencies of the stage is also presented and with that design values stage is manufactured.