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An, Guk-Yeong;Kim, Han-Seok;Jo, Eun-Seong;Bae, Jin-Ho

  • 발행 : 1998.06.01


The preliminary design and performance test were carried out for determining dimensions of gas turbine combustor. The combustor design program was developed and applied to design our combustor, and the specific dimensions for swirler, dome and liner holes were determined by the semiempirical manner. Based on the first performance test data, the swirl angle governing the combustion characteristics of primary combustor zone was determined as 40 deg.. Using the second performance test data, the swirler dimensions were readjusted by 24 mm i.d., 34 mm o.d., and swirl angle of 45 deg.. The geometry of liner holes were determined by considering the flame stability and recirculation zone size. It was found that flame can be more easily stabilized by adjusting the swirler dimensions rather than liner holes. The geometry of swirler and liner holes were readjusted by using the final performance test data with dilution holes. Also, the combustor performance and emission characteristics were evaluated by analysis of exhaust gases.