소산율 방정식의 개선을 통한 저레이놀즈수 k-.epsilon. 모형의 개발

Song, K.;Yoo, G.J.;Cho, K.R.

  • 발행 : 1998.05.01


Series of recent k-.epsilon. model modification have been carried out with the aid of DNS data to include the effect of near wall. Though these methods opened new way of turbulence modelings, newly developed turbulence models of its kind had yet shortcomings in prediction for the turbulent flows with various Reynolds numbers and various geometric conditions. As a remedy for these shortcomings, a new k-.epsilon. model proposed here by improving the dissipation rate equation and the damping function for eddy viscosity model. The new dissipation rate equation was modeled based on the energy spectrum and magnitude analysis. The damping function for eddy viscosity was also formulated on the ground of distribution of dissipation rate length scales near a wall and the DNS data. The new k-.epsilon. model was applied to the fully developed turbulent flows in a channel and a pipe with a wide range of Reynolds numbers. Prediction results showed that the present model represents properly the turbulence properties in all turbulent regions over a wide range of Reynolds numbers.