The Behavior of Chlorobenzenes and Chlorophenols in Fly Ash by Thermal Treatment

소각잔사 중에 함유된 클로로벤젠과 클로로페놀의 열분해 거동

  • Published : 1998.08.01


This study was performed to investigate the behavior of chlorobenzenes (CIBZS) and chlorophenols (CIPhs) in a thermally treated MSWI fly ash. The experiment was carried out in a fixed bed reactor at the temperature range of 300~$600^{\circ}C$. Reaction time range was between 30 and 120 minutes, and NB and 02 gases were used as carrier gas. The decomposition rate of CIBZS was more affected by reaction time than by the reaction temperature. The decomposition rate of CIPhs was affected by both parameters. Decomposition rate of CIBZS and CIPhs reached 80.4% and 96.6% at $600^{\circ}C$, 120 min, respectively. Considering the effect of O2 content, decomposition rate of CIBZS and CIPhs was the highest at 10% of O2 content. Declorination and decomposition reactions Pere investigated by analyzing homologue distribution. Higher chlorinated CIBZS and CIPhs homologue decreased but lower chlorinated compounds increased with the increase of temperature. Effect of O2 on the homologue distribution of these compounds was not clear in the range of our experiment conditions.


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