Screening of Salicylic acid Producing Rhizobacteria Isolated from Plant Roots and Rhizosphere

식물의 뿌리와 근권으로부터 Salicylic acid를 생성하는 근권세균의 검색

  • 이민웅 (동국대학교 응용생물공학과)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


Twenty two rhizobacteria were isolated from the roots and rhizosphere of radish, carnation, potato and tomato. There isolates produced a fluorescent pigment in King's B medium and identified as Pseudomonas spp. These isolates colonized roots and rhizosphere of the host plants. In the study of cultural characteristics of the bacteria, the pH of the culture broth was changed from neutral (7.0) to alkali (8.8∼9.41) and the numbers of cells were increased from 106 to 108 after 40 hr of incubation in basal standard succinate medium. The salicylic acid production identified by pink color reaction were observed in 7 bacteria. Out of these 7 salicylic acid producing bacteria, only 2 strains of bacteria such as Pseudomonas fluorescens RS006, and Pseudomonas sp. EN401 were confirmed as salicylic acid producers by optical density measurement. Therefore, for screening of salicylic acid producing bacteria from the roots and rhizosphere, color reaction of the culture medium should be done in the first step, and then optical density measurement of culture extract should be made for the confirmation of salicylic acid production.