An investigation on the Characteristics of Housing Projects by Mario Botta

마리오 보타의 주택 특성에 관한 고찰

  • 김용립 (상명대학교 실내디자인학과)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


This study investigates the characteristics of Mario Botta's single-family houses. Eight of his housing project which are deemed important in the historical development of housing he been selected for the purpose their elevations plans loggie and interiors are analyzed and evaluated. Through this study the followings are realized ; $\circled1$ The rationality of his interior space comes from Le Corbusier's housing projects. $\circled2 His expression of elevations has developed from Louis. I. Kahn's language and Carlo Scarpa's technique. $\circled3$ The rationality of Corbusier's houses and expressiveness of Kahn's and scarpa's projects together led to his functional solution of internal program an and the creative external images of his own. $\circled4$ The originality of this house results from his creative vision and ability to reinterpret the existing expression and principles in the light of time and space.



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