Chemical Compositions in Rice Hulls of 26 Varieties

벼 품종별 왕겨의 화학적 성분

  • Published : 1998.06.01


The chemical copositions in rice hulls of twenty six varieties which are one of the largest agricultural by-products in Korea were analyzed. The chemical compositions were 8.56~9.70% moisture, 10.01~17.16% ash, 44.02~55.50% crude fiber, 0.26~2.90% crude protein, 9.20~14.50% starch, and 0.28~0.69% lipid. There were no significantly difference in chemical compositions among twenty six varities. The mineral contents(mg/100g) were 14.3~392.4mg K, 59.4~389.1mg Ca, 31.78~377.8mg Zn, 19.4~104.4mg Na, 12.9~47.6mg Mg, 12.8~37.0mg Si, 8.3~30.5mg Fe, 7.9~26.1mg Al, 7.6~23.5mg Mn, and 6.3~40.3mg P. The contents of IDF (insoluble detergent fiber), SDF(soluble detergent were 70%, 1~2%, 67~73%, 51~60%, 11~17% and 0.3~2%, respectively. The lignin content was higher in Hwa-Young and Mankum than in others. The amounts of ethanol extracts of rice hulls were 1.01~1.52%. In conclusion, the chemical compositions were not significantly difference among twenty six rice hulls varieties.


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