Levan으로부터 Levanbiose를 생산하는 미생물의 분리 및 배양

Isolation and Cultivation of Microorganism Producing Levanbiose from Levan

  • 발행 : 1998.06.01


A bacterial strain No. 43 was isolated from soil samples as a levan-assimiating microorganism producing an extracellular levanase and hydrolying levan to levanbiose. According to the taxonomic characteristics of its morphological and physiological properties, the strain was idenified as Pseudomonas sp. No. 43. The optimum culura medium was composed of 10g levan, 5g(NH4)2SO4, 3g NH4Cl, 3g polypepton, 1g K2HPO4, 0.5gMgSO4.7H2O, and 0.2g MnCl2.4H2O per liter. The cultivation for levanase was carried out in pH 7.0 at 4$0^{\circ}C$ for 28hr. The reaction product was a kind of oligosaccharide and it was purified by chilled ethanol precipitation and gel filtration for evalluation of degree of polymerization (DP). The purified product was determined as levanbiose of MW 342 and DP2 by HPLC and FAB-MS.


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