Effect of Heating Height within Microwave Oven on Microwave Heating of Food

전자레인지 내부에서 가열높이 변화가 품질 특성에 미치는 영향

  • 금준석 (한국식품개발연구원) ;
  • 하태열 (한국식품개발연구원) ;
  • 한억 (호서대학교 식품영양가공학부)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


For the purpose of improving the qualities of popcorn, potato, frozen hotdog and steamed egg, the effects of food height(0mm: HO, 5mm: H5, 10mm, 15mm: H15) for microwave cooking on physicochemical properties were investigated. In popcorn, weight loss was decreased as height increased while volume of popcorn was increased, which indicated that popcorn was poped very well as height increased. H10 showed the highest taste score in sensory evaluation. In potato, degree of gelatinization was increased as hight increased. H10 showed the highest overall acceptance score. In frozen hotdog, hardness of hotdog was decreased as hight increased and H15 showed the lowest hardness score (408.8g). In steamed egg, H5 showed the highest temperature and H10 showed the highest overall acceptance score. Physicochemical properties of food were changed by heating height of microwave heating.



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