Studies on Animal Models of Food Allergy

식품알레르기 연구를 위한 동물모델의 개발

  • 주향란 (생명공학연구소 면역세포신호전달)
  • Published : 1998.06.01


Food allergy is defined as an immunologically-mediated adverse reaction to food.The food allergy as a clinical entity has been recognized for many years, although there is yet no general consensus as to the incidence of this syndrome. One difficulty in studying food allergies has been the lock of a reasonable animal model in which reactions could be induced by orally administrating foods. It has been generally accepted that the initial target for an immediate reaction to food is the mast cells, within the gastronitestinal mucosa, and such cells are sensitize in vivo by food-specific immunoglobulin(Ig) E. Degranulation of these cells facilitates the entry of an antigenic epitope into the lymphatic system and blood stream, thereby causing further degranulation of the mast cells and basophils throughout the boy. Accordingly, the author attempted to develop an animal model that is indicative of evaluating IgE-mediated immediate hypersensitivity. It is also necessary to evaluate the effects of nutritional envioronments on dietary protein-dependent allergy and the regulatory mechanisms of dietary fats on IgE-mediated immune response. In this review, animal models to evaluate a food ingredient, effects of dietary fats and curcuminoids, milk whey protein hydrolysates on allergic reaction, and effect of dietary fat in splenic immune cells are presented.


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