A Study on the Cover Ratio and the Sizing System of Apparels for Obese Women

비만 여성의 의복 치수체계 및 커버율에 판한 연구

  • 이진희 (한성대 의류직물학과 시간강사)
  • Published : 1998.08.01


This study was carried out on 132 obese women who satisfied both of conditions for obesity: equal to or over 1.6 in Rohrer index and 90 in bust girth. The purpose of the study was to set up a sizing system using the loss function which would be a guide for obese women to select ready-to-wear of suitable size. The results were as follows. 1) In the sizing system for large size apparel industry, each company has 4 to 7 sizes that differ in their content and number. Producing only 5 sizes was trying to minimize the producti on expenses. 2) The sizing system according to the loss function was the follwings. The height was 3: 149, 154.5 and 161 cm. The bust girth was 5:96.5, 100.5, 104, 107.5, 112 cm. The hip girth was 5: 95, 99, 102.5, 105.5, 110 cm. 3) In comparing the cover ratio of the newly suggested sizing system for obese women's garment with that of the Korea Sizing system for women's garment, the former was founded to have the greater cover ratio.