The Structure, and the Magnetic and Magnetoresistive Characteristics of the Spin Valve Multilayers

  • Stobiecki, T. (University of Mining and Metallurgy, Electronics Department) ;
  • Czapkiewicz, M. (University of Mining and Metallurgy, Electronics Department) ;
  • Wrona, J. (University of Mining and Metallurgy, Electronics Department) ;
  • Powroynik, W. (University of Mining and Metallurgy, Electronics Department) ;
  • Stobiecki, F. (Institute of Molecular Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Published : 1998.09.01


In this paper we report the low and high angle diffraction results, and the magnetic and magnetroesistive characteristics of the spin valve multilayer structure prepared by the sputter machine Emerald II in the Balzers Laboratory. The investigated system consists of a ferromagnetic free layer (7 nm NiFe) and a ferromagnetic pinned layer (7 nm NiFe), separated from each other by a nonmagnetic (2.1 nm Cu) spacer. The NiFe pinned layer is fixed by the exchange coupling with an antiferromagnetic layer (10 nm FeMn). For such system the magnetoresistance ratio ΔR/R=3.58%, the interlayer exchange coupling $H_c=6.4$ Oe and the field sensitivity 1.15%/Oe were otained.



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