The Effect on Breakdown of the Conducting Particles Between Coaxial Cylindrical Electrodes in $SF_6$ Gas

$SF_6$ 가스 동축원통전극 내의 금속이물이 절연파괴에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1998.05.01


This paper describes the breakdown characteristics of GIS by the free conducting particles under alternating voltage. If the conducting particles are present within the GIS, they can cause decrease in breakdown voltages. Various materials and sizes of free conducting particles were used to study the liftoff electric field and breakdown voltage. The measured lift-off electric fields were compared with the calculated ones for copper, steel and aluminium wire-type conducting particles. As an experimental result, it is shown that the breakdown voltages of the GIS chamber with conducting particles were lower than those without conducting particles, and were markedly dependent on the particle material and the particle sizes. Free conducting particles are important factor in particle-triggered breakdown of the GIS.he GIS.



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