A Simple Algorithm for Factorial Experiments in $\rho^N$

  • Donwonn Kim (Senior Statistical Consultant, Software Business Team, Samsung SDSC Co., LTD.)
  • Published : 1998.08.01


Factorial designs with two-level factors represent the smallest factorial experiments. The system of notation and confounding and fractional factorial schemes developed for the $2^N$system are found in standard textbooks of experimental designs. Just as in the $2^N$ system, the general confounding and fractional factorial schemes are possible in $3^N,5^N$, .... , and $\rho^N$ where $\rho$ is a prime number. Hence, we have the $\rho^N$ system. In this article, the author proposes a new algorithm for constructing fractional factorial plans in the $\rho^N$ system.



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