Wideband Crosstalk Analysis of Coupled Bondwires for High-Speed Plastic Packaging

초고속 플라스틱 패키지를 위한 본딩와이어의 광대역 혼신 해석

  • Published : 1998.10.01


Signal transmission and crosstalk of coupled bondwires buried in plastic packages are analyzed using the Method of Moments and the Fourier Transform algorithm. It is also shown that the quasi-static crosstalk model of SPICE is inappropriate for designing the high-speed plastic packages. Plastic packaging material, increasing the self and mutual capacitances, is found to be helpful for the signal transmission integrity due to the dielectric compensation effect. However, it is also observed that the plastic material increases the crosstalk due to the radiation-enhanced mutual coupling effect. By investigating the geometrical and material dependence of the pulse transmission and crosstalk, it is found that the radiation-enhanced coupling effect is significant for most of typical bondwire geometries and plastic package materials. These calculation results can be effectively used for designing plastic packages of high-speed digital IC's and monolithic RFIC's.