The Analysis of Case Studies for developing model of Instructional procedure in Environmental Education

환경 교수-학습 절차 모형 개발을 위한 환경교육의 현장 적용 지도 사례 분석

  • 김경옥 (인천교육대학교 부속초등학교) ;
  • 정완호 (한국교원대학교)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


Since 1970', the international community has displayed a heightened consciousness concerning the Earth environment and Environmental Education has became to be as survival strategies for the environment and human life. For developing the model of instructional procedure for educating environmental behaviors in environmental education, this study analyzed the objectives, characteristics, contents, instructional methods and instructional procedures of case studies that were awarded the first prize of the Contest of the Case Study in Korea that were had charged by KFTA. The main results of this study were as follows :(1) the more objectives for environmental education were focused on “formulating values and attitudes for the environment”, some objectives for “skills” need to investigate or solve the environmental issues were found, and some objectives for “environmental behaviors”. (2) the more contents of environmental education were focused on “environmental pollutions” (3) the more instructional methods for environmental education used for “investigating or experiment” to solve the environmental issues or problems, some methods for “taking actions for the environment”. (4) the most of case studies were used the model of environmental instruction that were developed by KEDI in 1988. Conclusionally, This study suggested that you have to emphasis on level of responsible citizen behaviors to resolve the environmental issues or problems in the environmental instructional procedures.