A Vertical Survey on the Change of Environmental Awareness of Elementary School Students

초등학생의 환경 의식 변화에 관한 종단적 조사 연구

  • Published : 1998.12.01


This survey is made to offer the fundamental data for the establishment of practical environmental education plan based on understanding of the change of the environmental awareness of elementary school students under the longitudinal-sectional research design. In this research, the questionnaire made by Kim Jong-ki in 1988 and by Kim Hak-Bong in 1993, is amended and filled up, which is used to the 624 numbers of fifth and sixth grade students lived in Seoul, Pyungtaek and Yangjugu. This research ares are devided into 5 ares which are the environmental general, environmental pollution, living environment, environmental education and consciouness of environmental crisis to humen beings. First, it is grasped general tendency and then is compared and analyzed the level of awareness by residence, sex, grade. stsdard of living parental academic, the background variation of parental job with the status in 1988 and 1933. The results are as follows: 1) The rate of interest for environmental pollution and population is reduced but the rate of interest for animal protection is increased. 2) In spite of reinforcement of environmental education In school, the numbers of the students who became to know some information about that from the class are diminished. 3) Even if the children are aware of sewage seriousely, the numbers of the students who answer it is caused by domestic sewage are a few. 4) On the environmental education area, the various materials of the are not utilized well in a class. 5) On the environmental crisis to the human beings the rate is much increased in 1993 ttan that of 1988 environmental contamination is the important cause of the human beings' crises but now the rate is reduced again. In other variables except the environmental contamination, it is increased the that of 1993 on the war, on population it is showed a tendency of reduction. The results of this study are as follows : 1) It is supposed that the education should be done only not for the knowledge of environmental education but for the practice of that - animal breeding, field experience of the ecological destruction places. 2) The various environmental education materials such as TV, VTR are demanded to give the students proper information about that and to educate sufficently. 3) The course of fields exploration for environmental education should be prepared under cooperation of the authorities concerned. 4) It has to be groped for an epoch-making teaching method and the training and the practice of teachers in order to reform environmental pollution.