Development of Standardized Modules and an Integrated Program for Curriculum of Social Environmental Education

사회환경교육의 교육과정 표준화 모형 및 통합프로그램 개발연구

  • Published : 1998.12.01


This paper presents the development of standardized modules and an integrated program which will be used for social environmental education. The study objectives are to develop modules which are based on various environmental topics, to relate the regional environmental topics to the educational modules and program, and to include the demand of students in the modules and program. Literature and questionary surveys, as well as, module development method were utilized as research tools. The titles of developed modules are “The Green Planet Earth, “Unexpected Resources: Save Resources and Recycle”, “Water as the Mother of All Lives”, “The Blue Sky with Clean Air”, and “Soil as the Home of All Living and Non-living Things”. It is hoped that the developed modules and program are utilized as course materials and curriculum for social environmental education in various educational institutes. The study results will be materialized as multimedia in near future.