Application of Periodic Acid Thiocarbohydrazide Silver Proteinate Physical Development ( PA-TCH-SP-PD) Stain to Observation of Sertoli Cell

세르톨리세포 관찰을 위한 PA-TCH-SP-PD 염색의 적용

  • 박영석 (공주문화대학 애완동물과) ;
  • 이성호 (공주문화대학 애완동물과)
  • Published : 1998.12.01


The purpose of this study was to investigate the applicability of periodic acid thiocarbohy-drazide silver proteinate, physical development (PA-TCH-SP, -PD) stain to the seminiferous tubules for the ultrastructural studies of Sertoli cell column and Sertoli cell processes. In the Sertoli cell cloumn and Sertoli cell processes, high concentration of the reactive granules were observed under transmission electronmicroscope (TEM) after PA-TCH-SP-PD stain. Also some reactive granules were seen in the spermatogonium cytoplasm, clearly. These reactive granules specifically stained with PA-TCH-SP, -PD make the Sertoli cell column, Sertoli cell processes and spermatogonium cytoplasm easy to distinguish from nucleus of the germ cells, spermatocyte, spermatid and residual body which did not contain the reactive granules. This result indicates that the PA-TCH-SP, -PD stain is superior to other traditional electronic double stain methods for the ultrastructural studies of Sertoli cell.