Thermodynamic Studies on Complexes for Dibenzo-16-crown-5 Sulfur Lariat Ether with Metal Ions

Dibenzo-16-crown-5 Lariat Ether와 금속이온과의 착물형성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 19980800


The thermodynamic parameters for the interaction of metal ions with dibenzo-16-crown-5 and its derivatives have been determined by solution calorimetry in methanol at 25$^{\circ}C$. Thermodynamic properties of log K, ${\Delta}H$, and $T{\Delta}S$ have been determined for the complexation of metal cations by dibenzo-16-crown-5 and its derivatives. Dibenzo-16-crown-5 and its derivatives have been studied as metal cations carrier in bulk liquid membrane (BLM) and supported liquid membrane (SLM) system. $Ag^+$ has been much more transported using dibenzo-16-crown-5 derivatives as carriers and several other metal cations have been small transported using carrier in BLM and SLM system. Ligand structure, the length of side arm, donor atom, stability constant, and carrier concentration are also important parameters in the transport of cations.



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